NSNT-OGAM Seminar by Dr. Erhan Baş, JRC HHMI




Pursuit of connectomics: Looking for a needle in a haystack

by Erhan Baş, JRC HHMI


October 6th, 2017, Friday 14:40



Pursuit of connectomics: Looking for a needle in a haystack

Abstract: A major challenge in neuroscience is to relate the structure
of neurons to their function. More than a century ago, Santiago Ramón y
Cajal found that neurons are polarized cells with dendrites and axons,
the input and output ends of neurons respectively. We now know that a
neuron's structure is intimately related to its function. In this talk,
I will discuss our recent advances to develop an efficient pipeline to
map the complete axonal projections of individual neurons across the
entire mouse brain. This is a challenging task because on the one hand
axons are tiny, with diameters of less than 100 nanometers; tracing
axons thus requires resolution and sensitivity at the cutting edge of
what is possible with optical microscopy. On the other hand, axonal
arbors are huge; individual axons of projection neurons can traverse
tens of centimeters across the mouse brain before reaching their
targets that makes generating morphology from large scale data manually
a time consuming process. To tackle this challenge, we have developed
various automated computational tools for detection, stitching,
segmentation and visualization of neuronal process for massive volumes
of data and generated more than two hundred whole neuronal
reconstructions that will provide new insights into neuroscience.