Image Analysis can be defined as the complete process for automatic/semi-automatic detection of the semantic information within a pre-processed visual data captured by various sensors. Based on the scientific literature, image analyis can be related with the fields of compter vision, pattern recognition, remote sensing, multimedia retrieval, visual tracking, as well as many other areas.

Due to the enormous increase of visual data, automatic inspection of this data by computers is extremely necessary. Increase in visual sensors in systems in both civilian and military applications, consumer products with visual data generation capability, as well as sharing such data through internet makes automatic analyis is inevitable.

METU Center for Image Analysis (OGAM) was founded on 14 August 2014 by the mission of fostering interdisciplinary research between researchers in the field of image analysis at various departments, institutes and faculties of the university and giving support to project proposals as well as ongoing projects by full-time dedicated researchers in this center.