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21/10/2022 - 11:14

The following courses are offered in METU by the affiliated faculty of OGAM.

Digital Signal Processing (EE430)

Image Processing (EE634)

Video Processing (EE636)

Pattern Recognition (EE583)

Machine Vision (EE584)

Neurocomputers (EE543)

Probabilistic Graphical Models (EE732)

Neurocomputers (EE543)

Statistical Techniques in Mobile Robotics  (EE780)

Target Tracking (EE793)
Fundamental Image Processing Techniques (CENG466)
Introduction to Computer Vision (CENG483)

Image Processing (CENG566)

Pattern Recognition (CENG564)

New Approaches and App. of Pattern Analysis (CENG740)

Shape Analysis  (CENG777)

Machine Learning (CENG562)

Statistical Data Analysis (CENG574)
High Dynamic Range Imaging (CENG771

Principles and Appl. of Imaging Radar Systems (GEOE555)

Introduction to Remote Sensing (GEOE431)

Aerial Thematic Mapping (GEOE443)

Aerial Photography (GEOE445)

Digital Terrain Analysis (GEOE447)

Remote Sensing (GEOE528)

Spectral Classification of Satellite Images (GEOE535)

Principles and Applications of Imaging Radar Systems (GEOE555)

Enhancement Techniques in Remote Sensing (GEOE556)

Geographic Information Systems in Earth Sciences (GEOE557)

GIS Models in Natural Hazard Assessment (GEOE559)

Advanced Geostatistics (GEOE517)

Advanced Surveying and Geodesy (CE411)

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (CE413)

Physical Geodesy (CE414)

Space Geodesy I (CE509)

Space Geodesy II (CE510)

Photogrammetry and Air Photo Interpretation (CE511)

GIS Applications in Hydrology (CE579)

Design of Intelligent Machines (ME536)

Reclamation and Mine Closure (MINE425)

Monitoring and Control in Mining Engineering (MINE543)

Cognition and Machine Learning (COGS514)

Visual Cognition (COGS556)

3D Geometric Modeling and Processing (GATE540)

Applied Parallel Processing on GPU (GATE713)

Multimedia (IS514)

Image Processing Algorithms (IS566)

Principles of Geospatial Information Technologies  (IS782)

Neuroimaging: Anatomy, Physiology and Function of the Human Brain (MI505)

Advance Neuroimaging with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MI506)

Fundamental Medical Imaging : Acquistion and Reconstruction (MI524)

Medical Image Analysis (MI530)

Neural Networks for Biomedical Applications (MI537)

Medical Imaging Applications (MI703)

Advanced Topics in Medical Image Analysis (MI711)

Pattern Classifications for Biomedical Applications (MI720)

Geodesy and Map Projections (GGIT501

Advanced GIS (GGIT530)

GIS and RS in Disaster Management (GGIT532)

Information Systems for Natural Resource Management (GGIT535)

Statistical Techniques in Geographical Analysis (GGIT537)

Spatial Data Analysis (GGIT538)

Principles of Remote Sensing (GGIT560)

Digital Image Analysis (GGIT561)

Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS (GGIT562)

Microwave Remote Sensing (GGIT563)

Statistical Learning and Simulation (IAM557)

Planning and Design in Urban Conservation (REST507)

Introduction to Geographical Information Systems in Planning Practice (CRP438)

Application  Development in Geographic Information Systems (CRP444)